About Me

Well, the first thing to note is that I am not so much a fan of long and bold claims about how successful someone is.

But it might help you to know who I am and what drives me on my journey towards fulfilling work.

Let’s start with the important stuff – 

What friends know about me

I live in Frankfurt, Germany, just south of the Main river. Apart from my passion for coaching, I suffer from a great variety of interests: I am curious about everything flying and in particular about ways to make aviation more sustainable. I love running and race cycling and I do value scientific evidence. For around five years I design personal development courses. For relaxation, I like to read and listen to music. 

What is my journey towards fulfilling work? 

In 2016 I have finished two marathons, I have been the president of Euroavia’s local group in Braunschweig and I studied industrial engineering for my Master’s degree. On top of that, I visited a 10 days Train-new-Trainer event. So, even literally I was running a lot – but without a clear destination, to be honest. Most of the things I did were experiments, hoping to find the perfect job. Since then I researched sustainable aviation fuels, worked at a companies strategy department, have been a pilot for a major European airline and now I am a freelancer. So I believe that I got a taste of many different workplaces. 

Alongside, I grew my life skills: The Train-New-Trainer event I visited in 2016 set me on a journey to create training courses for students and young graduates all across Europe. In 2017 I delivered several knowledge transfer workshops for my association, 2018 I have been training manager for a weeklong personal development training and in 2019 I became part of the trainer’s team to educate a new generation of trainers. In the same year, I received my first coaching training and since then I also offer coaching. 

On this journey, I never found the perfect job, but rather realized that a perfect job does not exist. I believe there is a way to create work that is more meaningful, more enjoyable and more healthy, in other words: more fulfilling. But there will always be some minor pain points inherent to any position. 

What are the lessons I learned on this journey?

Balance matters: I see professional performance very similar to sports performance: For running, the breaks between training are as important as the training itself. You need to allow your muscles to recover and build more strength before you get back to full performance. The same holds for the workplace: Distancing from work to the right extent is crucial in getting back stronger the next day. I love to mindfully listen to music, especially David Bowie and Queen on vinyl. This brought me some fandom knowledge along the way. 

Dialogue matters: My greatest realizations and insights were caused by dialogue. Stepping into someone else’s shoes in a conversation, offering a new perspective and discovering a new solution to an old problem are all things I find extremely difficult when being alone.  

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